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    12 juni 2018

    Some time ago…

    photography of espresso maker filling cupsSeveral years ago I was working for a company in Diemen (near Amsterdam). One of the perks of that location was the coffee machine. It’s said that IT people work on good coffee, and this machine delivered. Nice cappuccino, expresso, you name it.

    But then, the location was to relocate to another location. The coffee machine would not be relocated and was to given away. So all employees received an e-mail for the raffle. A link to the raffle was included. Anyone who know this machine wanted to take part. And even though our web browsers warned us about the unsafe nature of the link, none of us took this warning to hard. We wanted that machine!

    Alas…..the link behind the raffle directed us to a security webpage. We’d been dubbed and lured to another webpage. Our security colleagues had tricked us. And nearly all of us fell for it. The machine (by the way) was moved. To the head-office of the firm……

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