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20% Discount: Cybercrime Security Forum – Europe 2018

8 juni 2018

As the world around us evolves and adopts to new technology, communications and social connectivity, companies and individuals must be ever vigilant to the increasing threats posed by cyber-criminals. This established forum, now in its 10th year, is bringing security experts to Amsterdam,Netherlands, this October for the first time to educate attendees to better protect themselves and their companies against cyberattack.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Sasha Kranjac: Security and Azure specialist
  • Brian Contos: Author of several security books, his latest with the former Deputy Director of the NSA
  • Yuri Diogenes: Senior Program Manager at Microsoft CxP Security Team
  • Maria Genova: Author who delivers non-technical advice on identity fraud, privacy and information security
  • Andy Malone: Microsoft MVP whose primary focus is Cybersecurity

For more information, check the following site:


If you want to attend this event, you can register using the following discount code and get a discount of 20%: CBF18-SA-3636.

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