Thursday, November 21, 2019

Albert Hoitingh

Office 365 business consultant/architect and Microsoft MVP with a core interest in everything to do with information management, (Azure) information protection, governance and security. Frequent speakers at SharePoint Saturday (VIanen, London, Cambridge, Lisbon), Office 365 Engage and Dutch Information Worker User Group.






This small article focuses on news and announcement on external sharing for Microsoft 365. Here goes: The sharing interface we know and love is now...
Well, Ignite 2019 is off and running. And during this week I’ll be trying to cover a lot of subjects. Most of them are...
Hello there! Well, Ignite 2019 has started and the key-note already showed us some great new innovations! Project Cortex – using Delve and the Office Graph...
Any Office 365 environment offers a complex mixture of information, functionality and identities. It’s a place where information is easily created, shared, stored and...
It has been a busy week for the Azure Information Protection team. Not only did they release a brand new client for unified labeling...
Not too long ago Microsoft introduced the concept of Information barriers for Microsoft Teams. For those of use familiar with the financial industry and...

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