The following, is how I go about preparing for an Azure exam which I want to study for. Hopefully this will give you an idea into how I prepare for any Azure exam.

Lets use the AZ-500 Azure Security exam as an example since this is what I will be studying for going forward.

Step 1
Locate the actual Microsoft exam page which contains all the info on the actual exam: –

I start by reading through this carefully, checking this page regularly whilst studying for it so that nothing has changed, as this can happen so remember to check back often.

Step 2
I then make a OneNote page of all the Skills being Measured like so:-

  • Manage identity and access (20-25%)
  • Implement platform protection (35-40%)
  • Manage security operations (15-20%)
  • Secure data and applications (30-35%)

This exam looks to be well spread out across all 4 areas. SO now I will take each skill being measured and then copy this into my OneNote page.

Step 3
Now I will go and find links on for each of the skills being measured.

:- Some people may already have done this so google for AZ-500 exam study guides and use them if you prefer doing that. My twitter friends and both have excellent study guides on a number of exams.

Step 4
I search for online training on Edx, Udemy, Pluralsight etc and read the reviews, of late I have solely used Edx, as those courses are specifically written with the exam skills being measured in mind (straight to the good stuff). If I want a more rounded course I’ll also check out Udemy and Pluralsight etc.

Step 5
I take notes as I go and pop the main themes and big picture content into my OneNote page for brushing up just before my exam.

Step 6
I have a calendar above my monitor at home and I plan out the end goal for each section with a rough idea of when I hope to have the section completed by.

Step 7
Finish off the course and then I look for practice exams, I’ve used Whizlabs for the AZ-400 which was great, I’ve used Udemy for the Az-100, 200 and 300 exams. Anything I get wrong or just don’t understand I’ll review and try to find other resources, maybe Microsoft Learn or other resources.

Step 8
Once I am getting 80% or above in the practice tests I book the exam soon after it and take it.

I have done this on the last 4 or 5 exams I’ve sat and it works for me, it might work for you it might not.

I spend 2 hours a night studying for the exam 5 or 6 nights a week, it took a lot of dedication and hard work, not everyone has that time, I made time, I stopped doing some stuff as I wanted to learn, I get it, its not for all.
I am happy to help, give advice to anyone looking for it with the exams, good luck with sitting your exam and hopefully someone find this useful.


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