Thursday, November 21, 2019

Understanding and getting started with Azure Sentinel

Today, Microsoft announced that Azure Sentinel is now Generally Available (GA). What this means, is that Azure Sentinel can be used in production, the...

Reference Key Vault secret latest version

We use Key Vault extensively in our solutions, to store any secrets we might need. For example in an API through code, in Azure...

Building my own RSS feed generator using .NET Core and the new System.Text.Json assembly

It’s that time again! And by this I mean I was thinking of grabbing a cup of coffee, splashing out a few lines of...

Windows Virtual Desktop Powershell cmdlets updated.

Just a small update: the Powershell cmdlets for Windows Virtual Desktop have been published 3 days ago, on the 17th of September. The latest version...

Bi-weekly Azure Summary – Part 64

This bi-weekly update is a summary of trending Azure topics on social media, as well as other interesting content available on the internet. Below, you can see an overview of interesting blogs, articles, videos and more that are posted on social media and other channels: General Development / IT Pro -Sjoukje Related Posts

Retrieve Azure Storage access keys in ARM template

Being a big fan of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) paradigm, I create all my Azure resources as Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Using...

Introducing the 2019 Azure Advent Calendar

In December, myself and Richard Hooper (aka @pixel_robots) will be hosting the 2019 Azure Advent Calendar. The idea is that every day in December a...

Azure Thursday – September

With the following sessions: Durable Functions, the 5 patterns explained - Kees Schollaart Handling a volatile outdoor-event - Wout Spierts en Davy Alders

Dutch AI Night 30-09-2019