This small article focuses on news and announcement on external sharing for Microsoft 365. Here goes:

  • The sharing interface we know and love is now coming to Teams and Outlook. Making it an integral experience;
  • When you want to forward a link to information from Outlook, but the new recipient doesn’t have access – then you will get two (yes: 2) notifications which will warn you;
  • Block download option is already available for anonymous links. But it will now become available for “specific people” and for more then just Office files (PDF and more – from 2020);
  • You can now “request files”. Without giving people access to the entire content, you can have people add content to a specific container. The recipient gets a notification and is able to upload the content. Cool stuff!

  • From PowerPoint (Online) you can now send a link to a specific slide! Cool!
  • Reply back to a comments made in an Office document, just from Outlook;
  • You can now set how the address bar link works when this is copy/pasted;

  • External/guest users can be enabled for MFa (not quite new this though….);
  • External/guest users initial access is done using a verification code;
  • External users can now expire!!! Great. Do note the yellow bar at the site. This is for the site-admin, notifying him/her that there’s external users how are about to expire.

  • You can set the default sharing link based on a site, instead of the tenant level;
  • The same goes for the default external sharing link duration, which can now also be set on specific document libraries;
  • And to end it off: admin-reports (Excel) for external access.

This is really, really great news!!


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