Migrate content to Microsoft 365 – The series

This blog is the second of a series about content migrations to Microsoft 365 Being able to work and collaborate in a safe manner on a secure device. A promise made by Microsoft 365 and a huge prerequisite to deliver this promiss. To realize this promise your employees need to be able to collaborate on all that content on those dreaded fileshares. An accumulation of company data that has grown over the years, which nobody bothered to clean or restructure. …and now it’s up to you to move it to the cloud. In other words: a content migration. Personally, I really like migration projects, although I must admit, somewhere along the line of each content migration project I almost always get to a point where I want to bail out. Content migrations have a tendency to be look at as ‘something that we need to do between the soup and the potatoes – as we say in The Netherlands’ :-). I want to explain that content migrations are much more than a gigantic copy-paste action, but can actually transform your business, they are a starter, an enabler for improving the way you run your business. If your content migration is … Meer lezen over Migrate content to Microsoft 365 – The series